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When to set your speakers to Large.

This is the question probably every asks: When to set the 1723 THX to Large

When you are driving the 1723 THx speakers I would recommend using a separate amp that can handle the 4ohm output of the speakers.

I always had them set to small and the bass output was mmeeh but I noticed a big jump on the bass output of these speakers when I set them to Large.

What do you all have yours set to please reply

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Jared Beskow
Community Member

I set my speakers to small and have the 1723 tower speakers with an external amp. For any individuals who prefer the large setting when listening to music one quick and easy method is to do “Direct” on most receivers as it will bypass the bass management and if you are listening to stereo it will bypass the bass management of the LFE subwoofer assuming you are using the LFE connection from the receiver. It can usually be fine with 1 button. Then you can change back to surround format.

Customer Support

I am running 1723 Tower S and I have them set to small crossed at 80Hz. Whenever a subwoofer is in play it’s almost 99% of the time best to run small to get great sub integration. When I do listen to records I do what Jared suggested above and go Pure Direct for 2 channels.

Thats awesome Brandon, yeah I have three subs in my room and have my receivers crossover to 60Hz and to be honest I have found the sweet spot with the 1723 THX towers with those subs. I have one sub ( SVS ) in the front left corner, one on about 1/2 way on the left side of the room crossed over to in the sub about 70Hz and the last sub on in the back right corner ( same Xover ) firing 180’. That gave me the best blend and even amount of bass throughout my room.

Ford Holt
Community Member

I’m a little different, I like all my speakers set to large. I just feel the overall dynamics are better… if I was going to XOXO them I usually put them at 60Hz. Oh course I have a pretty weak sub so maybe once I pick up a better one my low end will be better and I will XO at 80Hz.

Really, thats great as long as it sounds good to you thats all that matters.

Keith Luken
Community Member

So if we send 80Hz and below to the sub, what advantage do the 1723 towers have over the monitors?

Hans Erik Sæbø
Super Hero

For me it is pretty easy. For movies I always use Small, but for music I use Large if I’m not using the subs:)

Keith, the towers will handle more bass response than the monitors, however the monitors should always be used with a subwoofer. You just have to find the right Hz setting for your bass needs in your room. 80Hz is good middle ground to use in a system. I have used 40Hz to the towers and my bass response wasn’t there so I switched between 60Hz and 80Hz and got a better bass response at 80Hz than 40/60Hz. Then again its all about where you “place” your subwoofer(s) in the room. The Monitors will handle down to 40Hz which is great, but lets be realistic here even though they are a huge speaker I personally wouldn’t use monitors as subwoofers or full range.

Roman Tissera
Community Member

It just comes down to what sounds good to your ears.

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