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Thomas Gunvaldsen
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Hey Johnny!


You are certainly not the first to mention this. I think there is definitely a need for it from an interior design point of view. The problem we have had with this is that either the fabric is too dense, in that it actually severely negatively impacts the sound performance, or that is too thin and you see the blackness of the drivers through the grille itself – which does not look nice at all.

It doesn’t mean we have given up on the idea, but we are not willing to compromise on sound.

Johan Svedjefält
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Hi, I have looked at a couple of subs with white grills. It does not look great when the black shows thru so very much.  Maybe a white driver solves it, hahaha it would be awesome.



Customer Support

Another problem is that the drivers attract dust pretty quickly.

After a short while, you will have a black dust ring on the white fabric, so you will have to clean the fabric from time to time.

I have seen this with some manufacturers in the past. Most of them switched to grey.



Johnny Curtis
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Great point, never thought of that. I’m sure a lighter grey would be a nice option with the white cabinets, but would need to switch to similar color drivers as well it seems.

Roman Tissera
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I think that would look pretty slick. What would even be better is to get rid of the cloth portion.

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