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1723 s centre or 1961 1v

Abdoeraouf Titus
Community Member

Hi my current set up is m&k 750 thx speakers I have a 1961 1v sub already my plan is to to upgrade to full arendal but I have to do it in stages due to funds I have safe up what wil make the biggest difrens 1723 s centre speaker or a nother 1961 1v sub yes I no I have to get the LCR front stage can only buy one at a time thanks guys




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James Arruda
Community Member


I will take a shot at helping here.  I recently upgraded myself (LCR and Sub), and I can say just in my personal experience, since you already have one of the vital pieces (sub) which gave me my biggest improvement (due to the fact I was coming from a much older sub). The next piece that gave me the biggest gain was the center channel (I have the 1723 S Center), once again over an older center I had.

Adding the second sub will definitely help/be better, but making a lot of assumptions on my part, the center channel would give you the biggest perceived gain in performance.  Looking at your current speakers, since they have a similar type of tweeter (dome), I wouldn’t be overly concerned about the center not matching, especially if you plan to upgrade the L/R channels at some point.  Just keep in mind the 1723 S Center is decent amount larger than what you have now.

I hope this helps.

Roman Tissera
Community Member

I would do a center because it will give you a prelude to whether you will like the speakers.

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