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Arendal boxes & packaging

Sebastian Balhorn
Community Member

I talked to Arendal customer service about this already, but wanted to share the idea – due to recent events – here as well:

It would be great if Arendal would offer the option to buy the packaging of the speakers. I know this option from my current speaker manufacturer. So if you are moving or selling (shipping) the speakers, they will arrive save and sound. Not everybody has the space to store the speaker boxes.

I actually wanted to exchange my speakers with some from Arendal, because I already switched out the subwoofers. I found a perfect matching offer of “used like new” monitors. The person did not have the original packaging anymore, but promised to ship them in good packaging. They arrived today and several corners are splintered/dented. Not only that I am very disappointed because I was looking forward to this change of speakers and happy about the good offer, but it is pretty sad seeing those nice speakers likes this as well.

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Luis Vazquez
Active Member

Even if they allow you to “borrow” boxes from time to time, it might be a worth while offering from all vendors; not just Arendal.  Either way, I totally understand where you’re coming from as it certainly is space consuming to keep all boxes in storage… that being said, throughout the years of being within the wonderful hobby, I’ve become a master of stuffing boxes inside of boxes, inside of other boxes… etc… lol  : )

Sebastian Balhorn
Community Member

Don’t get me wrong, I am also good in putting boxes into each other, especially because I almost keep all the boxes of stuff I buy. Still, it does take a lot of space and does not solve the problem when buying something and the seller does not have the boxes anymore. As I said, not everybody is able or keen to do that or maybe they just lost the boxes due to water in the garage/basement.

Kristoffer Svendsen
Community Member

Hey guys,


This is a question we get from time to time, and we completely get where you’re coming from. Although we would love to store and ship you replacement boxes, it would just be a logistical nightmare. I didn’t really think about this before, but after discussing it with the guys, it makes a lot of sense why we don’t.

The boxes will cover too big of an area to ship flat-packed, and will most certainly get punctured, mangled, stepped on, or otherwise poorly treated. So it’s not certain if they’re usable when they arrive. If we were to ship them folded like a box, there would be nothing on the inside to support it. That means nothing can be stacked on top of it as it would collapse and be ruined if someone did. With this in mind, we hope you understand our reasoning for not doing so.

Sebastian Balhorn
Community Member

Hi Kristoffer,

I disagree. Of course, you cannot ship them flat packed. Not due to the reasons you mentioned, but because you have to send them folded. And of course you are not shipping them empty. That’s the entire reason asking for “packaging” and not “boxes”: We do need the styrofoam and so on as well! Therefore, doing it right the boxes can be stacked and nothing collapses. As I already said: The manufacturer Nubert does this and it works fine for years already. So if you see / make a problem out of it: Someone is doing it better than you. Do you really want to accept that fact? ;)

Gunnar Aasen
Customer Support

Hi Sebastian,

We see your point here and we can assure you we always are looking to find better solutions for our shipping boxes.

The main focus has been how to protect the speakers and subwoofer inside at the lowest possible cost to avoid driving the prices for the products too high.

The way our boxes are designed now, they will most likely be damaged/deformed if we ship these empty as the styrofoam is not designed to be in the box alone. We will ask our product developers to look into this but we don’t have a solution for this in a short term.

To be honest, we don’t have any empty boxes in stock, these are located at the factory and a container shipment away from this side of the globe.

Hopefully down the road, we’ll be able to have this available in the accessory section, but we can’t promise anything at the moment.

Hope to have you informed.


Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

Just my 2 cents on this discussion. What are you guys willing to pay to get a pair of boxes including all packaging material shipped to your location?

From a shipment perspective, we will be charged the same for shipping empty boxes as if they have products inside, due to the size of our boxes. For the largest products, this will be in the hundred(s) of dollars cost, to put it into perspective.

Sebastian Balhorn
Community Member


I used the option to order packing for speakers once and it was 60,- Euro incl. shipping for the boxes of two towers and one center speaker. To be fair, shipping to Finnland probably would have cost 100 Euro extra. Main Europe would not be that expensive (prob. 40 Euro) I don’t know why shipping differs so much, eventhough Finnland is in the EU.

And to be honest, I don’t know how Nubert does it. I expect that their boxes do not come from Germany either. I was just very happy to have that option and would have wished for it a few weeks ago, when I received three used Arendal speakers totaly demolished.

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