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Customer Support

Hi Ford,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a showroom.

The seats you have seen are from Sven. He is managing the German Arendal Facebook group.

Customer Support

Hey Ford,

We don’t have showrooms, however, we do have Ambassadors who showcase our products and perform listening demos. For instance, I live in the Louisville KY Metro area. I offer demonstrations in my dedicated home theater and other listening spaces. All ambassadors can do this for folks that wish to schedule a listening. The network is growing and it should be rather easy to get scheduled. We can get you in touch with an ambassador for a demo. Just email us at

Have an awesome day!

Ford Holt
Community Member

Thanks Lukas and Brandon! I’ve seen the ambassador page and have looked over them. I appreciate the info on that and if I’m ever in the areas where they are I will definitely schedule something out. Amazing community you have built here.

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