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I love my Arendal 1961 5.1 system

Colin Toh
Community Member

I have a vision of setting up my own home theatre system. I started of with a satellite 5.1 system which I enjoyed for about 9 years.

This year I felt is time to give my home theatre a whole new make over. So I did lots of research and watch tons of YouTube reviews.

Arendal sound caught my attention the most and I had to pull the trigger and I went with a 1961 5.1 setup. I used my existing satellite speakers as my heights.

The joyous day arrived when my Arendal 1961 speakers landed in my house, excluding the 1961 1v subwoofer.

I was so excited I hook up the towers for an audition, as I have not laid the cables for the whole setup. My oh my… It was the 1st time I am experiencing life like music. The sound was so textured and life like. My eyes got watery as every piece of music I played touch my soul. I couldn’t stop listening to my to them.




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Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

Hey Colin,


Wow, I almost get emotional just reading this. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the Arendal family! Let us know how it sounds after you get the entire system setup as well.

Luis Vazquez
Active Member

Welcome to the community Colin!  I felt the same way when I switched to Arendal; each time I sit down and listen, a big smile comes to my face.

Colin Toh
Community Member

Thanks for the awesome product you guys produce and the 1st class service you guys provide. Thanks for re-introducing music to my ears.

keep on doing what you do.


Colin Toh
Community Member

Thanks for the warm welcome Luis Vazquez. I am glad I am part of this big family.

Active Member

Colin welcome to the community and congratulations on your purchase.  nice looking setup.  Hope you enjoy your listening!

Colin Toh
Community Member

Hi Arkmann… thanks for the warm welcome and the compliment. Yes I love my Arendal speakers.

Great place you got there Colin. You have truly bought a end game speaker!

I totally agree with your experience both in the sound and the service!



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