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In-wall/In-Ceiling Speakers

Adam J

Any chance of adding timbre matched in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to the lineup?  Even better if they are THX certified.  I think this would be beneficial to those who need to save on space or who like the aesthetics of having things in wall.  Also would probably help round out the portfolio against competitors.

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Kernal, check RSL C34E MKII in wall speakers they just came out heard that they sound incredible with our setup. Here is a link: https://rslspeakers.com

I am planning on buying these too

Yes the add of in-wall speakers will be a great add in the Arenal Sound catalog, hope they’ll be added in the near future. Let’s hope!


Would love to have such an option. I would like to add a VOG speaker to my Auro3D setup

Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

What types of in-wall speakers would you guys prefer seeing from us? What would you want to buy?


Size, driver configuration, series and price range.

Adam J

How about these ideas? There could be a smaller 1961 and larger 1723 option. Would be great if they had back boxes too.

1. Something for in-wall surrounds equivalent to the bookshelves, maybe with adjustable pivoting tweeters?

2. Another in-wall with angled baffle for wides?

3. In-ceiling with angled baffle and also adjustable angled tweeter?

I think a classic woofer/tweeter/woofer configuration for mains and a woofer/tweeter configuration for surrounds and atmos will be fine. Regards driver size you can make two product series one with 5″ and one with 8″ drivers.

Ford Holt
Community Member

<p style=”text-align: left;”>I would say 6″ and 8″ versions of in ceiling speakers. I would like to see them with built in backer boxes and pre angled like triad in ceilings.</p>

Nicholas Clark
Community Member

Hoping to see 1723 S In-wall and In-ceiling speakers as soon as possible.

Would also love 1723 In-wall and In-ceiling subwoofers which can be easily grouped with the existing 1723 subwoofers.

As already suggested, angled baffles for wides and ceilings would be welcome.

Community Member

Did you end up getting the RSL C34E mk2? I’m building out a 5.1.4 system and they’ve come up in a few searches. the rest of the system will be a combo of 1723S monitors and 1961 bookshelf. Curious to hear how well they match in the real world.

Laurence Chan
Community Member

Now that I’m completely invested in Arendal Sound speakers in my home theater setup, I’ve been watching anything and everything “Arendal”.  Audioholics had a live stream with Jan Ove Lassesen(founder of Arendal Sound) this past Thursday.  Gene Dellasala of Audioholics asked Jan the question about atmos ceiling flush mount speakers and Jan responded with “Lets say there is a chance for it to come.”

This says to me that it’s definitely on their radar and maybe already in development as in engineering and design.  I think an in-ceiling flush mount speaker would have more than a enough demand to make it worth-while for Arendal Sound to produce these, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is something that is already in the works and they just don’t want to reveal it at this time and presently assessing the demand.


Jans interview on the YouTube “Audioholics” channel, link below:




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