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In-wall/In-Ceiling Speakers

Any chance of adding timbre matched in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to the lineup?  Even better if they are THX certified.  I think this would be beneficial to those who need to save on space or who like the aesthetics of having things in wall.  Also would probably help round out the portfolio against competitors.

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I watched that last night. Agreed not much of a hidden smile when it was brought up. I’m only about 3 months from buying in-ceilings but I’d sure be interested in a complete matched speaker. A built in backer box would be nice just drop in and go. Angled baffle and aim-able tweeter would be wicked. Now can they jam a small horn in there to match their other tweeters maybe…they have small enough woofers in their lineup.

Johnny Curtis
Community Member

I will 100% buy in-ceiling speakers to complete the Arendal system in my home. The day they become available.

Luis Vazquez
Community Member

@Thomas for in-wall I would like to see them for 1961 and 1723 S series; MTM configuration, same tweeter / waveguide with option for closed back.  For in-ceiling, 1723 s series would probably make most sense as it would probably cover all 3 lines; either an angled tweeter or housing that is angled.

However, I’ve seen dual 4″, maybe 5.25″ woofer with tweeter / waveguide in the center for in-ceiling; this peaked my interest as it might work rather well for atmos; see attached pictures.

Choon Yee Tan
Community Member

I have space limitation in my room, only able to fit the 1961 monitors in front. If there would be a in-wall with about the same dimensions as 1961, that would be my go to :D.

And probably in future upgrade the the surrounds with perhaps tilted config.

Thomas Gunvaldsen
Customer Support

Thanks for the suggestions Luis. They look interesting for sure.

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