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Speaker room positioning

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I’m about to order a full set of 7.1(.2) 1723 S, however I have a couple of concerns on the side and read speaker placement, and which speakers to buy for the side/rears

If you check the plan (note the side wall of 2.5m has been closed), I have a huge window that creates an asymmetrical room with very limited wall availability. In my current setup, I was able to set the side speakers above the door and on the opposite side. However the 1723S are too big for placing them above (and would/could cause conflict with the height speaker as well). At first glance that’s a no-no option

On the rear, similar problem (no speakers yet). there is the door that takes much space, which – if speakers are put on the wall – would leave a very limited distance between those two

The alternative I considered was buying 4 stands to put 2 on the sides and 2 in the back. What do you think?

Question 2:

If so, should I go 4x surrounds or 4x bookshelfs (or monitors?)

Question 3:

if I want to go 7.1.4 (or even 7.1.6), should I use heights, or eventually consider going in-ceiling since  the fake ceiling has a +-20cm distance to the real one (when I rebuilt the place, I planned for a .2 option in ceiling so it is relatively cable ready)

(amp will be a x8500ha, so plenty of power)




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Jurgen Hooglander
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When you wil place the speaker high on the wall go for 1723 heights, next to mlp and on backwall 60cm away from the side walls or so i think.

If you go for 4x surrounds, then on the same spot but then 40-50 above ear level when sitting.

Atmos also the 1723 or 1961 heights mounted on the ceiling, on the site from dolby are recomendations for the placing.

If it was my room i think i go for 4x surrounds and 4 heights for atmos speaker, with monitors and center the same speakers.

And 2 subwoofers or so, i like closed subs but for movie only have ported more output in the base around 20hz.

But for 14 hz and lower are more big closed subs better, you cant hear the base but the room shakes more then if the subs are very powerful

Have fun nice room!

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Thanks but it looks that putting on the wall on the side  isn’t an option due to the door on one wall and window starting on the other side as soon as the door ends

In the back, the distance between corner and door is 90cm,  that would leave a 30cm option (in fact would be less as I’ve added an Extea sound proof wall to ensure you wouldn’t hear the sound in the full house). If I where to do it on the other side, the two speakers would be too close to each other (or I should go 6.1.x)

In fact, the reason the surrounds are where they are in the current room was due I the asymmetrical restrictions (and much small than the arendal)

Or maybe I’m missing something from your explanation?

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Hi Luca.

I personally would go with only 5 speakers in the bed layer and 4 height speakers.
You only have a 2 seater couch so two surround speakers are plenty. You could position them in the back corners. 2x 1723 Bookshelf S for example. Having the speaker lower will also work much better with the Atmos setup.
I do not see any benefit in going with 6 height speakers, as you only have one row of seating. Channel separation will be much better with 4 Atmos speakers.

Chris Lukowski
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I don’t see why you couldn’t do 1723 Surround S on the left side of the doorway a bit above ear level. Seems like that would place them around 20° behind MLP.

Fraser Smith
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I’ll have a suggestion. Move the seating forward. To accommodate for the following angles.

Left surround at 95-100 degrees. Wall mounted next to door screen side. Right surround same angle using a speaker stand if necessary.

Rear surrounds approximately at 150 degrees.

4-5 feet high off the floor.

4 atmos speakers 45-55 degrees elevation.

If you’re unsure of what I mean. Take a read up on Dolby atmos studio guidelines for diagrams on the angles.

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assuming you mean left door:

1. on one side there is 68cm, which would make it too close to the other wall

2 on the other side of the wall, there is the space, but the opposite side is a window. that would imply a stand. If so are ther eany high enough to compensate?


if on the door behind the couch:

1. near the wall corner is too close to the corner

2. if on the other side, I would have the two speakers or too close to each others or asymetrical


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Fraser, thanks

where would yoy locate the rear ones? in the corners?


in theory, setting aside the incorrect height of my current system, all the plugs are at atmos angle

Fraser Smith
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As your using sketchup. Use the protractor and mark out 150 degrees either side. and 0 is facing the center speaker. See where that hits. One thing I’ve seen is you want even balance of where the speakers are located.

I typically use a 1 meter height at the main listening position. Yours may differ.

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