1723 Towers

Prajwol Pathak
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I’m switching over to 1723 towers.

I will get the 1723 center channel soon. I believe XPA-3 Gen3 should be enough for the 1723 LCR.

I have Outlaw 5000x, do you think it should be enough for 1723 surrounds (surround and surround backs)?



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Prajwol. i have the XPA-3 as well and they are plentiful for the system and the Outlaw amp will be great to the surrounds as they will open the system a lot more.

Keith Luken
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I am looking at 1723 Towers and center with 1961 surrounds and have a Monolith 9X and knowing true 1823 likes power I assume 200w is enough, but is 100w enough for the 1961 surrounds.

It should have plenty of power for the 1961 surrounds.

Hans Erik Sæbø
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I’m planning to use Emotiva XPA-DR3 for my lcr. Hope arendal speakers like emotiva amps:)

They will like the amps I used to own the XPA-3 for my three fronts. I own the crown XLi 1500 and have them bridged to the LR’s and the XLi 2500 to the center amazing output with very low noise floor.

Roman Tissera
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Are you planning to only do a 5.2 setup?

Prajwol Pathak
Community Member

I eventually got 7.1.4 system for my home theater. Great upgrade from my older Klipsch setup.

My current setup – L  and R Arendal 1723 Tower THX and 1723 Center THX -> powered by XPA-3

L / R and LB and RB – 1723 Surround THX – powered by Outllaw 5000x

The 4 1723s heights -> powered by internal AVR amp – Denon X3700H (after changing the impedence on the AVR to 4 Ohms – I thought that wouldn’t work, but works without issues for the heights)

I have SVS PB16 for the subwoofer.

Later, I added my older Klipsch 12 inches subwoofers (stacked 1 on top of the other) – may not be the best subwoofer setup mixing them but sounds good to my ears and rumbles my seats!

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