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Is Atmos worth it, for now.

Drayson Nowlan
Community Member

I am getting ready to replace my RBH system with Arendal but their are so many configuration approaches it all comes down to Atmos.

My theater walls angle with the roof line at 4’ so there is no height to take advantage of or access for high wall/ceiling placement.  So I am looking at the 1961 series as the height sits on the tower. But I also listen to a ton of older films with no Atmos tracks. And it is also recommend by Dolby to not use bi/tri pole speakers with Atmos.

if I go Atmos it is 1961 towers, center, height bookshelf for surrounds.

Else, 1961 towers or monitors, center, surrounds.

Would love 1723 s but the center is two wide with tv placement and the ceiling angle.

Appreciate any thoughts and ideas.

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Drayson, its really up to you. Atmos DTS-X are not even perfected yet. There are tracks out there that are Dolby Atmos and most of the effects comes from the surrounds and very little up above. I did notice that the newer content are heavy on Atmos and wide channels. Its sounds amazing, but thats really up to the listener at that point. I would go and watch an Atmos movie first and decide from there if its worth your time and money to buy and good receiver and speakers. My cousin is older than me by 17years and he finally added height channels to his system. Its not a bad idea to future proof yourself though.

Roman Tissera
Community Member

If you have the money to burn do it.

Drayson Nowlan
Community Member

Appreciate the thoughts in and insights.

Looks like my only option for almost is placement on the monitors (thank you Arendal for the options).

The last issue is what sub when using the 1961 towers?  It is recommended on the site not to use a sub. I am leaning 1723 1S but hear good things for the 1961 subs.  That is a good match with the 1961 towers? Music and Movies are equally important.

Thank you!

Kristoffer Svendsen
Community Member

Hello Drayson,


We more or less always recommend our customers to use a subwoofer for movies. For your application – mixed movies and music – the 1723 1s will be a fine choice. The 1961 1s is also a viable option and will have more sub-bass at the expense of accuracy and transient response.

In your original post, you mention that Dolby doesn’t recommend dipole speakers in an atmos setup. This is true for the old types of speakers with side-firing drivers. But our TriAxial speakers – which also are THX certified – will work absolutely fine in an Atmos setup.

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