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1961 bookshelf vs monitors in small/difficult room

Fernando A
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I am struggling to decide whether I should go for the monitors or the bookshelf as LCRs in a home cinema application.


My room is small and several features constrain  my speaker placement choices. The room itself is 3×4.75m with 2.15m ceilings. Currently I am running a 7.2 setup with Infinity beta series speakers: 2x40s, 1×360, 2xES250 (bipolar) and 2x10s.

The listening area is tiny with the front stage having a width of only 2.2m. and a MLP at 2,2m from the 40s’ tweeters (1.87 between tweeters) which are toed in by 10-ish degrees. Unfortunately the L speaker is tucked into a corner and the R speaker is against the front wall with around 1m of air to the right wall.


Given the size of the 40s you can image how cramped the front stage feels when sitting in front of the 77″ TV. So size is my main drive to investigate Arendal’s 1961 series . A plus is I can easily hang them from the wall with the Vesa mounts and gain some floor real state.

I do not intend to go into sound quality comparisons here because I am almost sure I am not improving much on that regard…

As much I like the 40s and the 360…they are massive for my room and I think they are a bit overwhelming and that they do not voice OK at my listening distance. Also, I have a significant bump around 80Hz coming from the L speaker (partially mitigated with the  toe in).


Will the 1961 bookshelf voice better at that distance and/or cause less SBIR that the monitors?

Will the Bookshelf match with the center as good as the monitors?


I do not mind the extra money or size  accompanying the monitors, I am more worried about the voicing and the SBIR.

I do believe that a matching monitors trio is ideal in any situation but I am interested in knowing that you guys think.


As a side note, due to size constrains I do not contemplate acquiring  a 1723 center

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That is what it should be all about. It is about the movie and music experience and not about the gear.

A good system just disappears and lets you experience your source material in a realistic way.

All quiet in the Western Front is in my queue for today, so I am curious how it sounds.

Fernando Ayllón
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Oops,  I sent my previous post before finishing it:


I meant “…it did not work; you should have seen the smiled on my face after watching the whole movie, 2.5h!!!!”

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