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Current movies with great sound

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Hey guys,

I kind of feel there are not so many new movies released with better than average sound.
Most of them are okay but lack, especially dynamics.
They sound like they were mastered for your TV and soundbar and not for a great home-cinema experience.
Basically all Marvel/Disney movies fall into that category.

What current releases stood out to you?

My last two were:

Ghostbusters: Afterlife 2021
A nice and mellow family film with great sound design. A typical Sunday afternoon movie.

Last Night in Soho 2021
A very dynamic soundtrack, sometimes even too dynamic. Nothing for people living in apartments:)
The movie was okay, nothing extraordinary.

Looking forward to your experiences.


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The Batman was actually very good.

The other movies are all on my list for the next few days.

Roman Tissera
Community Member

What processor are you using? Have you heard stuff on Blu-ray disks?

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Hi Roman,

Did not see your comment there. I am using the Yamaha CX-A5200 and the movies are on Blu-Ray or Ultra HD Blu-Ray.

I did watch Moonfall the other day and hated it. One of the worst movies in recent times.

At the moment there are very few releases. Hoping it will get better the next month.

Have to watch Top Gun still. Should be released soon.

I saw Sing 2 with my son the other day and it had really great sound.

And the Atmos track in the new LOTR series was a new experience.

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I could not get over 2 episodes of the LOTR series, it was soo boring to me:)
Today I am finally watching the new Top Gun, should be good.

Norman Uittenbogaart
Community Member

Oh I thought the series where great, each show was like a movie.

Top Gun was a great movie, have fun!

Erick Msuya
Community Member

Hey everyone,

Thought I would recommend this app on the Apple TV called Odysound. It has great Dolby Atmos demos and relaxing atmos audio.

Harry Barendregt
Community Member

The batman

An oldy “judge dredd” best bass in a movie ever.

Also hot fuzz ridiculous bass even when they hang up a phone call there is massive over the top bass.

series game of thrones on bluerays

Series “1899” had a great bass track too.

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I rewatched an older classic and it actually had a pretty good sound.

Serenity 2005


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