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For me, it is the other way around. 80% movies/series and 20% music at home.
But I want to change that and listen to more music, uninterrupted and undistracted by other things.

I always feel more immersed in movies and can forget my surroundings more easily than with music.
That is why I also like listening to vinyl. It is more the whole process of taking the time and care of your records.

<p style=”text-align: left;”>For me it’s 80/30 movies/music, I tend listening to music with my studio monitors on pc when I’m doing other things due to lack of free time. In the evening I prefer a bit of relax with movies/TV series in my home theatre.</p>

In my living room, it’s probably 70% tv shows/streaming, 20% gaming, 8% movies, 2% music. In my previous and upcoming media room, it’s more like 70% gaming, 20% movies, 8% tv/streaming and 2% music. Most of my music listening, I usually do in the car or with headphones in bed

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I’m 100% movies/tv.

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Some weeks 100% music, other weeks 100% movies :)

Chris G.
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Movies! but  i enjoy  some Female Vocal songs from time to time

dominique fils aime – birds


Anette Askvik –  Liberty



Hani Alzahrani
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<p style=”text-align: left;”>I’d say 50% video games 30% movies/tv 20% music</p>

Craig Arnold
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Well the TV is on a lot, but the system is set up to prioritise music 100%, movies still sound good though. :)



Ford Holt
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For me it is all about Movies and Games. I cannot sit and listen to music…I listed to music mostly in my car.

Neil H
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For me, I’m 100% music. love hearing all the nuances and fine detail in great quality recordings (no background listening for me)

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