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Keith Luken
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Overall 95% TV/Movies, rest music, BUT, that music is as critical or more so than TV/Movies. Much of the stuff you watch while it may have great soundtracks and less of it was done well or as immersive as it can be. For my music listening I want accurate, faithful reproduction with the dynamics to handle all genres of music. That is what led me to upgrade, I was tired of the compromises my Klipsch had. Great TV/movies, but mediocre at best music. I have a decent amoutn of hi-res music of all genesis and even my CDs are all ripped FLAC lossless.


I ordered 1723 towers/center then due to space 1961 heights as my side/rear surrounds and 1723S heights for front elevation or heights.


Based on the 1723 Monitor review at Audioholics and Pursuit Perfect System as well as Erin’s Audio corner reviews of the 1961 towers I feel the Arendal system will provide fantastic HT use and then more than adequate music. I will admit the music is where I am a tad anxious as I was more attracted to a RAAL/AMT/ribbon based sound when I auditioned speakers, but I should know in about 3 weeks when my speaker arrive.

Laurence Chan
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50/50 here.  I particularly enjoy multi-channel music and or allowing DSU to upmix my CDs.

Nice subject, I usually find myself watching movies and playing Ps5 most of the time. Music is 20% of my lifestyle for now. I cant wait till Youtube will have Atmos support for music. That will be really nice!

Roman Tissera
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For myself, it would be 90% movies and 10% music. Just thinking about it I should setup a new DIRAC filter for music

James McCall
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My 1723 Towers are in a two-channel music system, so it’s 100% music for me.  I’ve got a 5.1-channel A/V system in another room, but it’s a (gasp!) JBL Studio 5 system.

Janne Sormunen
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Depends alot  but movies 60% and music 40%. After acoustic treatment we will see what happends 🤔

Luis Vazquez
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I’m probably 75 / 25 movies / music.

Lester Davis
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I’m usually 70 movies 20 gaming & 10 music but lately it’s been probably 80 streaming & YouTube 15 gaming & 5 music.

For me its 90% Movies and 10% Music.

I dont have the patience to sit and listen to music. I listen to music when im demo my system or when im walking


Brett Jones
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For me and the family, it’s 100% movies/TV.  I get to have another space in the house for my critical music listening, but it would be hard to corral my wife or kids to sit and listen.  Not sure that I could get the un-named ear type “pods” out of their ears long enough to enjoy.

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