I already read the recommendation of the handbook about the proper toe in of the speakers, but I still have some questions regarding that.


My stereo 1723 arendal towers are placed in a way that currently the L and R when pointing straight to the listening positions points like 60cm further apart from the side of the sofa.


I basically am doing now like a 50/50 between listening music and watching movies and TV shows, at the moment I am pointing my speakers to where the MLP would be, which in my case with the distance we are seated away from the speakers would be like 35ish degrees?

I know that your advise to get the best results would basically be… experiment with the toe in until you’re satisfied but before starting moving 50kilos around I would like to know what would be the result of keep angled them in? I would reduce the soundstage but improve the sweet spot and imaging? Or because the reflections I would achieve an increase of the soundstage at the same time that I increase the imaging as if I’m not misunderstanding this article it’s what probably would happen with the waveguided design of the Arendal’s (see attached file)

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Michael B
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I’d say just make slight adjustments and see how it sounds in the sweet spot. I had my 1723 S Towers pointing right at the center of listening position then made a slight adjustment toe out, and got an impressive increase in bass. The acoustics of the room will probably have a lot of impact on toe in toe out positioning.

Neil H
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Personally, I like 30 degree angle to the listening position for each speaker. It seems whatever sounds best to you though would be good to go with. Enjoy the music.

After experimenting, and provided I have not so much room for toeing in so much the speakers (the are placed in a way that L/R are like 20cm outwards the person seated on the extreme of the sofa), the best toe in at least in my room is the one that points the opposite speaker like 10cm beyond the farther away shoulder of the opposite person seated on the sofa.

It creates a really good phantom center, the soundstage is great, and when you are not on the MLP you don’t feel that either the left or the right is louder than the furthest speaker from where you are.

Kristoffer Svendsen
Customer Support

Hello guys,

Toe-in will be a very independent preference, and I see you’ve found your preference, great! I’ve heard about the method you’re using, and it is really interesting! I’ve not gotten it to work properly in my setup, but I’m glad you found that it worked nicely in your room!

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