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1961 5.1 in a small room – 1723 center S THX?

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I have a living room that is approx. 6 meters x 2.85 meters, but the TV/speaker/seating area is only 2.8 x 2.85 meters (2.85 meters being the distance between the TV which will be wall-mounted and the seating). Please view the images in the attachments.

I wish to make a 5.1 using Arendals, but am unsure about the combination. L and R speakers will need to be as close to the walls as possible (probably wall-mounted), while the surround speakers would also be wall-mounted above the couch. I also can’t afford to turn the volume up by too much, since it’s an apartment and I can’t disturb the neighbours. That being said, I intent to watch/listen to my content “loud”.

A/V receiver I plan to use to power this is Marantz Cinema 50.

My questions:

1) Is 1723 center S THX too powerful for such a small space? I read that it’s quite a lot better than the 1961 center, but I’m worried if I could utilise its power without turning the volume way up…

2) Can 1723 center S THX be properly paired with 1961 bookshelfs or monitors for L and R speakers?

3) If money is not an object – 1961 bookshelfs, 1961 monitors or S THX bookshelfs for L and R speakers? Are monitors better for my space than the bookshelfs? Could I wall-mount S THX without losing their potency?

4) Are 1961 bookshelfs “good enough” for wall-mounted surround speakers? Is there any point in getting 1961 surrounds for such a small space?

5) 1961 1S or 1V for the sub? Will 1V be too much for my space, will 1S suffice?


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Ben Salfarlie
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Hi Emanuel,

Thanks for your questions and for sending in the photos it makes things a lot easier when making recommendations.

1. You can never have too much power (haha)! Our 1723 center speaker is really power efficient you don’t need a lot of power to make them shine. But you will be sat really close and for this reason, I would suggest the 1961 center. It will do an amazing job and due to the size difference, it will be easier to implement.

2. Absolutely. In all 3 series, we have tried to match the sound as closely as possible so you can mix and match.

3. I would select 1961 bookshelfs or 1961 monitors running them sealed. They are both great little speakers and running them sealed will help with speaker positioning. Regarding wall mounting, our surrounds are designed with this in mind wall mounting them will only enhance their abilities due to the TriAxial design.

4. You certainly can use our bookshelfs for surround sound duties but our surrounds would be a much better fit. The TriAxial design diffuses the sound around you which may be beneficial as you will not be running side surrounds and rear surrounds. It will also make the room feel ‘larger’. If you decide you don’t like them you can always remove the jumper connected to the speaker terminals at the back and they will perform just like a bookshelf.

5. The 1v will dig deeper and shake the room but the 1s will offer a more refined sound and still provide plenty of low extension when watching movies. It’s really a personal choice. My recommendation for your space would be the 1s. I think it would work great in your space.

I hope this helps.

Michael E.
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I have the 1723 S Center in my small room 4×3 Meter and it works great but it is much better to let 30 or 40 centimeter space from the back of the speaker to the Wall.

If you want to go closer to the Wall I wouldn’t say that you should buy it but you can ask the support for more information.

Luis Vazquez
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You have a very nice space to work with!  My room is approximately 3.35 meters x 4.87 meters; my ceiling is 3 meters high (10′ 11″ x 15′ 7″ with 10′ ceilings).  After several discussions with Lukas, Kristoffer and Thomas, I purchased the 1961 towers, 1961 monitor, 1961 surrounds, 1961 heights and a 1961 1v for my room… after several months of listening, I have zero complaints and zero regrets thus far.  Don’t discount the 1961 line for your room; they have performed extremely well in my room.  I attached a computer render of my room; the desk will be removed shortly.  For reference, below is my community post.

Small Home Theater – 1723 Monitor S vs 1961


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Thank you very much for your replies. I am keen to try the 1961 series (monitors, center, surrounds and 1S sub).

Any recommendations as far as cables are concerned? (Surround cables would have to be long since I plan to guide them to the floor, then up the corner of the wall, behind the curtains and then back down and into the Marantz.)

This is my 1st time buying a serious set of speakers so I don’t have much to go with – I’d like Arendal to be my first :D Any help in this regard is appreciated.

Gunnar Aasen
Customer Support

Hello Emanuel,

Yes, that 1961 combo is very popular! Slim design and yet powerful when needed.

As for speaker cables, we normally recommend using common sense as there is much mumbo jumbo in this field.

But, yes, please make sure you are going with a cable of a minimum of 2,5mm2 (14 AWG) with normal speaker cable quality.

We have an article with more info in our help center

Hope this helps more than causing confusion Emanuel!

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