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1723 Amplifier settings – Best practice for Dual Source

Here are the settings we recommend for Dual Source purposes, specifically stereo setups combined with Home Cinema setups. Please look at individual Stereo or Home Cinema best practice for further information about each setup.

This guide should be read in conjunction with the Amplifier Operation Manual in the handbook.

The first thing you have to consider is that one source must have a 12V trigger signal, and you must use XLR signal from one source while using RCA signal from the other source (you can use adapters if you for example only have RCA from both sources).

  • Menu

    • When you press the menu button, you will be prompted whether you want to apply settings for RCA or XLR. These settings do not affect Input/Turn-on settings, but they affect Levels, Crossover and Parametric EQ. This means you have to individually set the right settings for your RCA input(s) and your XLR input(s). The settings will automatically follow the input when switching.
  • Input/Turn-on

    • There are 8 different modes for Dual Source function, choose the right mode depending on how many outputs (1 or 2) you have from each source, and which one has the 12v trigger signal.


Thats it. Please see our other guides for Stereo or Home Cinema settings.