1723 Bluetooth Connection Trouble | Arendal Sound

1723 Bluetooth Connection Trouble

Have trouble connecting our app to your 1723 subwoofer? Read on for great troubleshooting tips.

The most common mistake we see is attempting to pair 1723 subwoofers directly to a phone by using the Bluetooth menu. The app will connect with the subwoofer when you open the app.

Please make sure you have accepted to share location/GPS when installing the app. The app will not be able to connect to the subwoofer if this is denied, or deactivated later.

Please note you can only access the subwoofer from one device at a time. If you are going to use the app on multiple devices, make sure the app is closed before attempting to connect the subwoofer from another device.

If experiencing connection issues, please try these steps:

– restart your phone

– make sure Bluetooth and location/GPS are turned on

– switch on the 1723 subwoofer, and make sure Bluetooth is not deactivated in the subwoofer menu. (or reset subwoofer)

– open the Arendal app on your phone

– wait for a green dot next to the subwoofer name in the app, pull down, and release to refresh

The app will connect to the subwoofer and you will be on your way!