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1961 Amplifier settings – Best practice for Dual Source

Here are the settings we recommend for Dual Source purposes, specifically stereo setups combined with Home Cinema setups. Please look at individual Stereo or Home Cinema best practice for further information about each setup.

This guide should be read in conjunction with the Amplifier Operation Manual in the handbook.

The first thing you have to consider is whether you want to have individual presets for Stereo and Home Cinema, or whether you can get away with one memory setting, so you do not have to change every time you swap source. The latter will work well, as long as you set it up for Stereo usage, and then run an auto calibration from your AVR after the fact.

  1. Setup Menu
    1. Set individual memory settings for Stereo and Home Cinema if you feel the need under Memory Bank.
    2. Input/Turn-on should be set to Dual Source. This will lock the input selection so that input is has to be 12V triggered and input 2 turns on by auto-sensing a signal on the input. Whenever there is a 12V signal applied it will always stay connected on input 1, so no sound comes to input 2.

Thats it. Please see our other guides for Stereo or Home Cinema settings.