Can I mix 1723, 1723 S and 1961 in the same setup? | Arendal Sound

Can I mix 1723, 1723 S and 1961 in the same setup?

The short answer to this question is yes. 

We have the same design philosophy behind these three series and have matched their sound as close as possible so that they can be mixed together in the same setup while still keeping that correct timbre matching between each speaker.

There are obviously still differences and the large 1723 series being our reference, where the other series are stretching to get to the same point of fidelity. For setups that are inclined to being used for both movies and music we would suggest spending the most on the front speakers, so for example use 1723 Tower or Monitor there, while maybe incorporating 1723 Center S if you don’t have space for the larger 1723 Center, and even 1961 Surrounds and height channels to get away with smaller speakers at a lower price overall. This setup will still sound awesome for movies! 

All our subwoofers have a high level of fidelity and depth of sound to them.