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What Speakers Are Best for My Room Size?

The Greatest Gift Is Room Volume

In audio, the bigger the room the better. This is because sound waves need space to travel and properly attenuate. Sound waves that have not decayed before hitting a surface can reflect in a different direction, several times before finding their way back to your ears. These reflections can muddle the sound emanating directly from your speakers, robbing you of clarity.

In general, we recommend our reference 1723 series for rooms that are at least 30 square meters/323 square feet. You can also use them in a smaller room that is acoustically treated to better control reflections.

For smaller rooms the 1723 S series is perfect. For those on a budget, the 1961 series offers the majority of its older siblings sound quality in an even more compact no-nonsense form factor.  More information on the differences between our speaker lines can be found here.