What Speakers Blend Well with Yours? | Arendal Sound

What Speakers Blend Well with Yours?

Timbre matching has always been a top priority when designing our speakers. For home theater, an all Arendal Sound setup will naturally provide the most cohesive surround experience. But what if you must build your Arendal Sound system piece by piece and will be blending with other brands in the meantime? We can give some perspective on what to look for.


One of the key features our speakers share is an even off-axis frequency response. This means that the reflected sound off of walls or other surfaces sounds very similar to the direct sound from your speaker.

Not only does this grant a smoother sound, but also more flexibility when it comes to speaker placement as well as toe-in angling.


An equally important feature is a balanced, neutral sound. Some speakers immediately grab your attention due to a very detailed treble or unusually deep bass. Either of these is fun, no doubt, but they aren’t exactly how the director or sound engineer intended for the source material to be presented. Furthermore, the louder you play, the more likely these exaggerations will become distractions.

Very good speakers, like ours, have a neutral sonic signature.


Our speakers can go from deliciously detailed ambiance to a lighting bolt cracking through your room, in an instant. This characteristic is called dynamic capability and is arguably the most exhilarating aspect of our speakers.

Other speakers will need to keep up in dynamic capability or be a glaring weak spot in your system.

In Summary

While your main LCR speakers should definitely be Arendal Sound, surround and height channels with the above core traits will likely blend in well with our designs.