Are Your Vented Subwoofers Ok for Music? | Arendal Sound

Are Your Vented Subwoofers Ok for Music?

June 14, 2024

You like movies and listen to music as well, but only have one room. Can you get away with using one of our vented subwoofers for both? We suspect you already know the answer, but continue to understand why.                         

Better Is Not Easy

We have said it before because it’s true; it is easy to make a subwoofer that is good at one thing or only another, but to cover all sides of the spectrum well requires real grit, with a sprinkling of masochism. 

Our vented designs, like all of our subwoofers, are engineered for musical capability first. Once we are happy with their musical chops, we begin expanding the performance envelope to meet our low-frequency excursion goals. This is an extremely painstaking process, a back-and-forth dance between the testing room and drawing board; further separating our designs from our competitors. 

Worth It

In the end, we are only satisfied once our vented subwoofers can dig as deep as we initially set out while maintaining the transient finesse initially achieved; all with headroom to spare. 

So are our vented subwoofers passable for music? Without a doubt, yes. In fact, their acoustical finesse will likely exceed your expectations.