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Thats a tough one, since my sisters live with me I’m in between low volume and blow my brains out volume. I will say though mostly its low volume because Im getting yelled at most of the time. 😑

I pick n°2, I want to feel the sound, my girlfriend yells me to bring down the volume every time :P

Thomas Gunvaldsen
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I can see a pattern of yelling here :)

I will say that I prefer being in the no.2 category, but a lot of times I can’t with respect for the rest of the household. Admittedly sometimes it includes being yelled at.

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I use headphones when I have to be mindful of my neighbors.
Other than that I like to experience the dynamics of movies and music.


Ramón T.

Music goes with the mood, so it depends on what I feel like listening to I’ll give it more volume or less.

So I’m on both options 😁

It gives a lot of pleasure to be able to listen at a minimum volume perceiving all the details and also to be able to listen to it at 110dbs perfectly 😎




I would say depends on what I am listening to but in most part louder is quite nice :) However, if something is mixed badly this can cause issues. I’ve watched movies where 40% of the movie was really silent thus you had to bring he volume up and then it got so loud it was physically painful to listen to.

I mean I listen at maximum of -10dB MV on the receiver when watching UHD blu-rays and I can tell that my Arendal speakers can easily go MUCH MUCH higher if I asked them to :D

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