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Thats a tough one, since my sisters live with me I’m in between low volume and blow my brains out volume. I will say though mostly its low volume because Im getting yelled at most of the time. 😑

I pick n°2, I want to feel the sound, my girlfriend yells me to bring down the volume every time :P

Thomas Gunvaldsen
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I can see a pattern of yelling here :)

I will say that I prefer being in the no.2 category, but a lot of times I can’t with respect for the rest of the household. Admittedly sometimes it includes being yelled at.

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I use headphones when I have to be mindful of my neighbors.
Other than that I like to experience the dynamics of movies and music.


Music goes with the mood, so it depends on what I feel like listening to I’ll give it more volume or less.

So I’m on both options 😁

It gives a lot of pleasure to be able to listen at a minimum volume perceiving all the details and also to be able to listen to it at 110dbs perfectly 😎




I would say depends on what I am listening to but in most part louder is quite nice :) However, if something is mixed badly this can cause issues. I’ve watched movies where 40% of the movie was really silent thus you had to bring he volume up and then it got so loud it was physically painful to listen to.

I mean I listen at maximum of -10dB MV on the receiver when watching UHD blu-rays and I can tell that my Arendal speakers can easily go MUCH MUCH higher if I asked them to :D

Filipe Gonçalves
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This is a conflicting one for me..

I have this almost fobia of bothering others with noise. Maybe because this is how I would like others acting towards me, but I digress. Living in an apartment building with neighbours above, bellow and next door I actually feel uncomfortable to turn the volume too high, not because I don’t like it but because in the back of my mind I’m thinking I could be bothering someone. My wife is actually more confortable to turn the volume up when listening to music. Having concrete slab floors and brick and mortar walls still allows me to turn it up a decent amount.

Haven’t gone higher than -20dB on my Yamaha AVR (even with Disney+ crappy low volume “Atmos”) but it’s enough for my small living room and sitting just 2.5m from the speakers. I’m looking to buy a new apartment and the first things I’ve been paying attention are: 1. living room size and configuration and how I could setup the speakers 2. where and how many neighbours are there nearby ;)

If I could afford a house fairly away from neighbors I would be picture no.2 no doubt.

Chris G.
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Movies without a certain Volume lvl are just boring

Choon Yee Tan
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#1 for me, as I would go as low as possible for me to enjoy it. Psst, I did check my phone app while playing the movie… averages around 80dB or so.

Johan Svennevig
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I tend to use around -25 – -15 MV both for music and movies.
I ve worked so many discos that I now really ammconcerned about hearing health..


BUT, my two cents is that if you have high quality soeakers like AS, the quality of the sound triumps the extra spl

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