Can I Change My Order? | Arendal Sound

Can I Change My Order?

Planning your purchase can be a difficult task, and sometimes additions or tweaks repeatedly pop into one’s head. If you find yourself questioning your order, please be aware of the following.

Is It Fulfilled?

If you cancel your order after we have processed and fulfilled it in our warehouse (the order has been picked, packed, and is waiting to ship out), we must keep the same regulations as for normal returns where we will deduct the same costs for your refund. Thus if you have made an order and we have fulfilled it, we encourage you to receive the order and test the items. But if your order has not been fulfilled, there are options.


Some customers decide to upgrade the finish of some or all speakers. In such instances, contact us at and we check the status of your order at the warehouse. If it has not been fulfilled, will cancel your order and you can make a new one at any time.


We are happy to add items to your order. Small items like accessories can be added to your original order. If you would like to add speakers, we will cancel your original order and issue a refund. You can make the adjusted order whenever you like.


Sometimes you make an order and then discover the same item in the Outlet.  In that case, it is best to purchase the Outlet item immediately as they tend to go quickly. Afterward, reach out to us and we will cancel your original order. We are happy to allocate items from the original order to you, so that you can order them again.

Can’t You Just Adjust My Original Order?

Adding or removing large items like speakers from an original order will cause serious issues on the backend. We will spare you the details, but it is best to just reach out if you would like to make a change.