Are Back-Ordered Items Really Out of Stock?

We understand the burning desire to ask because maybe, just maybe an item’s back-order status is incorrect. But rest assured that the webshop is in fact correct when it states that an item is back-ordered.

Quick and Easy

We have developed our inventory system over the years to be fully automated so that it updates instantaneously after every purchase. So believe it or not, when a customer asks if an item is in stock, the easiest and fasted way for us to confirm is by checking the item page on our webshop.

Expected = No Surprise, Usually

Ok, so back-ordered status really means back-ordered, but can you trust the expected in-stock date? Yes, you absolutely can; just understand that it is an expected date and not necessarily a guarantee chiseled in stone.

This is because hiccups in the logistical chain occur all the time, but most are not felt by the customer. Still, every once in a while, a very large hiccup will cause a delay. Obviously, these delays tend to happen more frequently with Covid restrictions.

Ace in the Hole

Just remember that while we don’t have extra stock hidden in the back of our warehouse, you can always keep an eye on the Outlet. Just make sure to be vigilant and check daily as items usually go very fast.