1961 Series Price Increase

Extending our warranty across the 1961 series to 10 years


We’re proud to introduce a price increase of up to 15% on our award-winning 1961 Series.
Yes, you read that right. Proud. Because although nobody likes a price hike, we’d rather raise our prices than lower our standards.

We tried. We failed. But we kept (y)our dignity

COVID. Gas prices. Demand shocks. Transport costs. Currency fluctuations. For the past 2 years, we’ve tried every trick in the book to keep our prices from rising in line with inflation. Except the one that would actually work: skimping on quality.

Superior standards, inside and out

Cutting corners doesn’t cut it for us. Like you, we value quality and workmanship over lower prices for a lesser product. So we’ll keep crafting our 1961 Series just as before. Custom-built drivers and timbre-matched speakers. High-quality paint, HDF cabinets and metal parts. No market standard MDF, vinyl or plastic for us.

Satisfaction guaranteed – for 5 years longer

As proof of our anything-but-standard standards, we’re now also extending our warranty across the 1961 Series to 10 years, for new as well as existing owners. Exactly what we offer on our 1723 Series. After all, 1961 offers the same quality parts, premium sound design, and 60-day audition period. We’re committed to giving you more than what you pay for, whatever the cost.

Brains, beauty and bulletproof audio performance

Sure you might find some sexy looking speakers out there for less. Or more sonic oomph in an uglier box. But when it comes to that sweet balance of impeccable aesthetics and audio excellence at accessible prices, the 1961 Series remains in a league of its own.

And until 20th of December 2022, you can score these high-end speakers at the original lowball prices…

10 years warranty

60-DAY audition period


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Price increase up to 15% goes live December 20th.
Buy now and save money.