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Arendal Showroom?

Does Arendal have a showroom theater? If so I would love to see some picture of it. I’m part of the Facebook group and see someone post with embossed Arendal logo in their seats… is that a showroom or just a big fan?

In: Showroom 4 replies last reply 1 year ago

Place to listen

Hey everyone, I am very interested in purchasing the arendal 1723 speakers and was wondering if anyone new where I could listen to them. I go back and forth between the Washington DC and San Diego regions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In: Showroom 6 replies last reply 1 year ago

Bass stack

Hi, experimenting with my Arendal 1961 1s for best sound. First up, stacking them. It sounds good👍🏻🇸🇪🇧🇻 But, im not done working progress.

In: Showroom 3 replies last reply 1 year ago

Identical speakers all around

Hi guys, I just wanted to have your input on having the same speaker for all your channels. I personally am a big fan of this setup, as it just gives the most natural blend between the channels and every speaker is basically equally important. You will need to have...

In: Technical questions 7 replies last reply 1 year ago

Processor/Receiver Crossover Settings?

I just purchased the 1723 Tower THX fronts and a 1723 Center THX today.  I’ve been reading the 1723 THX Series Handbook and all of its recommendations.  What I don’t see in the “Handbook” are recommended starting points for crossover settings for both the towers and center.  So what are...

In: Technical questions 12 replies last reply 1 year ago