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Best room EQ?

Has anyone tried most mainstream EQ system and can provide their opinion on the differences? I’ve tried Audyssey and YPAO. From those two I did prefer Audyssey but there’s many more and would be curious to hear what other people think. Thanks :)

In: Technical questions 4 replies last reply 1 year ago

7.1 Front Wides Underrated?

Hello, I am experimenting with few different speaker setups with my Arendal 1961 set and I quite like the 7.1 variant with towers as front, monitors as front wides and surrounds as surrounds (at about 120 degrees). With 7.1 or atmos signals, it seems that surround signals get split between...

In: Technical questions 6 replies last reply 1 year ago

Manuals with speakers

Hi I was wondering, when people received their 1723 Monitors, did they come with colored manuals with them? I was surprised I didn’t have any of this information in the boxes with my speakers at all. I’ve seen people on Youtube do unboxing and the “manuals/literature” was in with the...

In: Technical questions 11 replies last reply 1 year ago

1961 Bookshelf

I will be moving into a new house and would like to have a small setup in the living room. It is approximately 14’ x 14’ (4.25 m x 4.25 m) with a cathedral ceiling. The way it is setup doesn’t lend itself to large speakers or regular size equipment...

In: Technical questions 1 replies last reply 1 year ago

Front Wides revisited!

Hello all, just revisiting the idea of having front wides vs having an additional set of atmos speakers. This debate is so controversial its been bothering me. I’m sharing my thoughts on this and want to know if you all have heard or took the opportunity to try it out....

In: Technical questions 8 replies last reply 1 year ago

UK ambassador – checking in

Hi everyone,   Great to see so many people using the community pages. 👍🏻 As a UK ambassador, I thought I’d show a little about my system (for those that haven’t seen it). In September 2021, I ordered the following:   3x 1723 Monitor S THX 2x 1723 Surround S...

In: Showroom 3 replies last reply 1 year ago