Why Don’t You Have a Showroom for Demos? | Arendal Sound

Why Don’t You Have a Showroom for Demos?

To some customers, it is understandably important to listen to a speaker before purchase.

Until now that was done at large audio retailers, big box stores, or if you were lucky a dedicated showroom.


A Realistic Scenario

A typical audio retailer or big box store will have a “busy” acoustic environment with many distractions. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a dedicated showroom will likely make speakers sound much better than they will in your home. Naturally, for the most accurate speaker demo, you must have the speakers in the actual environment they will be used in. 


Taking It Further

First impressions can be deceiving. Once the speakers are in your home, it can take time to truly understand whether you like them or not. Over time, “detailed highs” can turn fatiguing and “deep bass” can lack detail. This is why we created our 60-Day Buy & Try policy, to allow you to truly get to know your new speakers.


Top-Notch Support 

Our customer service team is happy to spend time analysing your questions and giving useful answers, before and after purchase. We are even happy to be of service after a return, so please don’t hesitate to reach out during your 60-day trial period. We are here for you.