Multiple Subwoofers vs My Circuit Breaker

Are you worried because you have purchased four 1723 Sub2V and wonder if the circuit breaker in your house can manage this? 1200 Watts x 4 = too much? 

No worries!

You are not playing sine waves, which is a constant power draw, but you are playing either music or movies and the power will therefore be very variable.

As when you play loud, the music or movie signal is sent out in rushes and high peaks and medium volume. 

Also, the circuit breakers in your home manage heavy peaks over their limits with ease!



Here are the facts:

The power consumption of an effective class D amp is approximately 10-20% higher than the RMS watt rating, so max continuously power consumption is then approximately as follows:

Avalanche 550: 605 – 660 Watt

Avalanche 800: 880- 960 Watt 

Avalanche 1200: 1320 – 1440 Watt


You might also be interested in the standby power consumption for the amps