Cleaning Speakers

All our speakers and subwoofers have a premium high-quality painted finish. Here is how to clean them.

You will need:

First step

Second step


Terminals and drivers

For the terminals, you can use a small soft bristle paint or make-up brush to get in all the hard-to-reach areas.

The drivers can be gently dusted off.

Important: do not touch the dome tweeter!


High gloss finish

Our premium multi-layer high gloss finish can be treated the same as automotive paint.

So after a few years, you will see some small streaks or hazing in the paint, as the dust particles scratch the paint ever so slightly.

You can use light automotive polish and finish materials to get the mirror shine back.

Hand polish should be more than enough.

Machine compounds and polishes are only recommended for professionals, as you can cut through the paint with the wrong technique and materials.