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Subwoofers – High Pass Output?

Does the 1723 and/or 1961 subwoofers have a high pass filter on the outputs?

We don’t have a high pass filter on the outputs of the subwoofers and that with good reason – let us explain.


The outputs are direct pass-through of the input signal so it is not affected by the subwoofers DSP, so there is no degradation to the signal. We have chosen to do it this way, as introducing a high pass filter on the output will require a separate DAC on the subwoofer, just for the output, and it has to be of very high quality to avoid signal degradation.

The massive movements in the subwoofer also will mean that jitter is introduced on the output DAC and it will affect the signal quality negatively unless you literally isolate it from any vibrations in the sub – which is not easy to do unless you make a separate box connected to the subwoofer. Typical high pass filters on subwoofer outputs are not recommended from our end as they hardly ever have a high fidelity sound.