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1723 Monitor S THX review – Speakershocker review

In terms of sound, I don't even know how to describe it: It's awesome, it's fun!

…in terms of sound, I don’t even know how to describe it: It’s awesome, it’s fun!

“The loudspeaker plays really lively, very focussed.

“If you now have it running quietly in the background, the loudspeaker is not attention-grabbing in any way (in a good way)

At higher volumes, it really shines, the bass doesn’t overwhelm you, it’s not a party speaker, but if you want it, it can be (with EQ).”

The bass doesn’t overwhelm you, it plays very precise, very deep, and very powerful

Very dynamic and powerful without exaggerating or seeming pushed

The bass manages to transition very nicely into the mid-range without missing anything.

The mids play very precise,… very focussed, very detailed, very fast, and that’s a lot of fun….

They have really nice three-dimensionality , you are really enveloped, the soundstage has a very good positioning, reproduces spacial cues very faithfully.”

“They have very nice depth, with a very good stereo center image.”

In the high-frequencies you can also hear beautiful details that you might not have heard before.”

The loudspeaker sound quick, precise, powerful, dynamica, three-dimensional without being exaggerated.”

The speaker’s sound dispersion creates a large sweet spot, two of you can sit comfortably on the couch without any problems and it still sounds good for both, without losing any quality.”

I really enjoy the Monitor 6!

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