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1723 Tower THX review – iiWi Reviews

They are that good and it is just that simple. It seems that all the praises about Arendals are well deserved.

“Basically, any floorstander that I’ve personally heard and really liked was way out of my budget. Don’t get me wrong, Arendal is not a cheap speaker by any means.”

“The moment I first hooked them into my system, I noticed how much less volume on my preamp I need to apply.”

“I was a little bit afraid that these are going to overwhelm my room, but that simply didn’t happen.”

“I wanted to say that these are high-quality made speakers. They are made of HDF and they are heavy, so if you decide to purchase this, you better have a friend that is willing to help you.”

“They sound quite big and effortless, and very lively and dynamic, even at lower listening volumes. That is something that only big sensitive speakers can provide.”

“You’ll never get that from a bookshelf, at least not at that level.”

“Tonality is quite well-judged and the bassline is deep, but it is surprisingly tight and well-controlled for a floorstander. “

“I felt that these Arendals are one of the best-behaved floorstanders that I’ve ever heard.”

“For me and my ears, it strikes that perfect balance between depth/warmth/fullness and just being well-behaved/speedy/quick when it needs to be.”

“Midrange here sounds very open, and textures are so easily observed in every tone including vocals.”

“Heights are well extended, they are airy, open, bright and breezy. But they are never sharp, attacking, or aggressive in any way. “

“These create a really wide soundstage, and tall too. “

“They are placed really high no matter what type of speakers we are talking about. And that’s actually what makes them exceptional. “

“Every time I test a product from a smaller manufacturer, it shows that the big commercial brand just can not offer the same sound quality at the same price point. “

“These are speakers that are worth building your system around.”

“They are that good and it is just that simple. “

“It seems that all the praises about Arendals are well deserved. “

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