1723 Tower THX review + 2022 Award Winner – Jay’s iyagi

"By far, my first recommendation when it comes to this price range. And even above."


“Today I’m about to introduce to you something that is truly a giant killer.”

“These are the true giants in its class. I’m wearing this jacket right here, because it is giving me the chills.”

“This speaker is truly a high end speaker in every regard possible and is none like other affordable products I have reviewed on this channel.”

“For the price they are asking, it is truly remarkable of a speaker. And that price includes shipping to your door and a 60 day in the home trial, plus a ten year warranty.”

“They are using HDF which is a high density board and high quality material that is usually used in much more expensive speaker designs.”

“The cool thing about these Arendal drivers is that they’re not off the shelf drivers but all made for Arendal specifically to meet their requirements.”

“In my books Arendal is a bit of a perfectionist company and you can really see it in their speaker design, especially the sensitivity of the speaker.”

“As the size adjusts, it has the scale and the Dynamics of a big loud speaker.”

“I visited my old workplace to hear a pair of the Wilson SabrinaX, to re-hear it. Then I came back home to set up these speakers, and my God, the similarity is so close. So close that I feel like Wilson audio should be afraid.”

“This speaker truly has that Wilson audio sound that American sound that a lot of people like.”

“I must say, it is scary close, in terms of the dynamics and the contrast that this speaker brings to the table in comparison to even speakers that cost heaps amount more.”

“This speaker has the quality, the texture, and the impact, the contrast in the bass. It has everything that I have looked for in a high-end based performance.”

“This speaker truly does not sacrifice quality in the mid-range and high frequency whatsoever.”

“Any music I throw at this speaker in terms of the vocals or instruments, this speaker recreates it to perfection in the mid-range.”

“The high frequency is no exception for the speaker. It is of the highest degree and best high frequency I have heard in this price category or anywhere else. And truly I am not exaggerating.”

“I spent hours and hours just listening to the speaker, because simply I just can not turn off the music.”

“You know it’s a great speaker when you can not turn the music off.”

“The most important, the sweetness factor, the beautiful high frequency is still existent at low listening levels as well.”

“For home theater purposes and music this speaker is perfect, in fact this speaker is THX certified, which means it goes through 400 measurements and has to be approved and go through all protocols to make sure it has those certifications of THX.”

“Please do not ask me to compare the speaker with speakers in the similar price ranges, because simply my answer to you would be that this speaker is my favorite.”

“By far, my first recommendation when it comes to this price range. And even above.”

“This is one of the first products that’s a floor standing speaker that I can truly call a true Giant Killer and I truly believe that.”

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