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"The Arendal is a modern beauty which will enhance any room, whether it's for music or home theater."

“the build of the 1961 Tower speakers screams quality.”

“It’s small for a Tower speaker, about 33 inches high, and weighs 40 pounds each. It’s made with high-density fiberboard with a painted exterior. For the record: this is more costly to manufacture than using medium-density fiberboard and a veneer wrap.”

“Now for the big question: how does it sound? …the overall sound signature is neutral, which simply means the sound is free from any coloration.”

“The treble was sweet with a bit of sparkle and not harsh or fatiguing in any way.”

“Mid-range was very clear and precise, bass was fast and adequate.”

“..these Towers handled the power like a champ. Even at high volumes, there was no distortion.”

Referring to a specific song: “..the 1961 Towers made this song sound so amazing and different – in a positive way. By giving the music weight and power, which makes you feel like you’re a part of the music.”

“I would choose these Arendal Towers over the KEF LS50 Metas when considering better dynamics and value for performance.”

“…the speaker designers did not cut any corners with build quality as they are made to last”

“The Arendal is a modern beauty which will enhance any room, whether it’s for music or home theater.”

“Something that I really like about the Arendals, is the spikes have silver rings which glisten when light is reflected.”

“These Towers have a unique contemporary design as they have a vertical backward tilt, which assists in upward sound dispersion.”

“As much as I tried to nitpick and find a drawback of the 1961 Towers, I honestly had none”

“Finally: did I mention Arendal gives a 10-year warranty on their products?”

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