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“Hey – I love it”

“I can not recommend these speakers enough”

“…gobs of low end bass as they are in the wormhole, the low end just vibrates and rattles everything thats loose in your room…”

“…the musical score in chapter 10 sounded amazing with its slow orchestral buildup. The pipe organ here sounds tremendous played at high levels and the speakers never muddled the sound once. I was surprised how big this scene sounded because I have seen it multiple times were watching it again, was almost like watching it first time…”

“…extremely wide soundstage. This is something I thought I had using the M&Ks but using the Arendal speakers just opened up my room to the outside world.”

“The extra dynamics and heavier bass response I got from these larger cabinets just made my s150 sounded anemic and little underwhelming.”

“…amazingly airy details”

“a knockout subwoofer”

“as a whole the entire system has an incredible cohesive sound field and handle the entire spectrum of movies I threw…”

“Even driven to reference levels which is normally too loud for my ears the 1723s never distorted or cracked under pressure. This cant be said of other popular brands that I have heard.”

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