Has My Bank Transfer Gone Through? | Arendal Sound

Has My Bank Transfer Gone Through?

June 14, 2024

The exchange of funds is arguably the most exciting part of the purchase process. But the wait after “pulling the trigger” can be nerve-racking. Bank transfers typically take 3-5 business days to be seen on our side. The following is what you can expect when purchasing speakers via bank transfer.

One Moment…Processing

Please be aware that bank transfers, while being an honest and upfront payment method, take a bit of time due to the inevitable “handshaking” required between different institutions. On top of that, there are checks, double-checks, and confirmations that must be made on both sides of the transfer. 

When you consider how much of the process is manually done, or “gotten back to” when an employee has time, you can understand why the process isn’t exactly instant like a credit card payment. 

Safety in Orders

The important thing to remember is that the items in your order are automatically allocated to you once the payment process has begun. So even if there is a glitch and your payment did not go through, your items (or spot in line if back-ordered) will not be allocated to someone else. We will just see what went wrong and try the bank transfer again. No problem at all.

But Did It Go Through?

In these manual transactions, patience is definitely a virtue, and it is best to assume that your bank transfer will have zero issues. If an issue does happen to occur, we will let you know via email so that another attempt can be made.