Why Don’t You Offer Discounts or Sales? | Arendal Sound

Why Don’t You Offer Discounts or Sales?

June 14, 2024

Everyone likes a good deal, but truthfully, what we really love is to feel like we got a good deal. Our brand is built on the core foundation of producing and selling directly to customers, and to have a unique standing in the market we lower our margins as far down as we can manage, 365 days a year.

Quality vs Commodity

The more you spend, the more you save. This is the logic behind discounts such as the multiple-subwoofer discounts, speaker package deals, etc. The message is simple, sweet, and easy to eat. Many customers new to audio actively seek out “deals” like these. On the other end of the spectrum, some companies, usually high-end ones that emphasize quality and performance or customers who have been around the block, believe in the value of a quality product 365 days a year. 


It’s Now or Never

The limited time offer is a classic and effective sales strategy. It is also a subtly passive version of the holiday sale; something you can look forward to and pounce on, along with everyone else. In a sense it is a celebration; a seasonal excitement that has become a part of our culture. But, Arendal Sound firmly believes that you shouldn’t have to wait all year for an amazing value.

Right Under Your Nose

Remember before March 2020, when everything was normal prices weren’t crazy? Since then we have learned to take a different perspective on what we used to take for granted. This mindset is particularly relevant for audio; since our inception and hereinafter, we will always strive to provide a market-disrupting value-to-cost ratio, and our reviews confirm this.  We firmly believe that our products perform well above their asking price each and every day of the year. We hope you can see this as well.