Why Don’t You Update Your Speakers More Often? | Arendal Sound

Why Don’t You Update Your Speakers More Often?

June 14, 2024

Some companies refresh a speaker line or add new models every year. Don’t get us wrong, a speaker refresh is definitely exciting, but is it really necessary? 


Science Says

When it comes down to it, audio is a blend of proven science, engineering, and psychoacoustics. New developments are usually infrequent, and actual improvements are even less so. Furthermore, cutting-edge developments that work tend to be cost-prohibitive, at least initially. 

Significant Strides

A quality product will sound phenomenal, no matter the price. Thus any real-world improvement from an update must be worth the cost to both the company and customers. We designed products to be a market-disrupting level of value, so you can get an idea of why we would not be happy with a simple update. 

Peace of Mind

Rest assured that when you purchase our products, they have been engineered and perfected, to bring joy for at least 5-10 years, and in practice much longer. Few of us upgrade because we need to, and with the level of value in our products, the majority of our customers rarely feel that need.