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My Subwoofer Does Not Work

June 14, 2024

Is your Arendal subwoofer not working? 

Here is a short checklist for the troubleshooting.



1. Turn the knob, is the display dead? Check the fuses in the mains socket, the fuse lid is visible in the picture below.


2. If the menu wakes up, please try to reset the settings for a fresh start.

Then the settings will be LPF @100hz and RCA input 1 will be active

You can then connect an RCA cable to input 1 and put your thumb on the centre pin on the other end of the RCA cable. This will trigger the subwoofer to switch on.


If you have trouble with the Bluetooth connection for the 1723 Series subwoofers, please have a look at this article: Bluetooth connection trouble


If you still have problems with your subwoofer, please contact us at