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Speakers Behind an Acoustically Transparent Screen?

June 14, 2024

Can Arendal Sound speakers be used behind an acoustically transparent screen?

Short and simple answer: Yes!

Just have a look at these amazing home theaters by some of our Ambassadors.

Ingmar from Belgium


Nicola from Italy


All our speakers can be used in a sealed configuration with included port plugs or come already sealed. Even the Towers.
This makes it easy to place the speakers inside a baffle wall and lets you EQ them without any issues to compensate for the so-called Baffle Step.


Another advantage is having all Left, Center, and Right speakers at the same height and orientation. Panning effects will blend perfectly.
For woven screens, you can place the speakers much closer as with microperforated ones. Just consult with the manufacturer about what they recommend in terms of speaker distance.

Have fun designing your dream home theater and know Arendal Sound will provide you with the best sound possible.