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1961 Subwoofer 1V vs 1723 Subwoofer 1V

June 14, 2024

You’ve been eyeing a vented subwoofer and you’re wondering what are the differences between the 1961 1V and the 1723 1V.

Key Differences

  • Driver Size: The 1723 Subwoofer 1V has a larger driver (13.8 inches) compared to the 1961 Subwoofer 1V (12.2 inches), which will impact the bass output and quality.
  • Amplifier Power: The 1723 model has a more powerful amplifier (800W) than the 1961 model (550W), providing higher bass output with less distortion.
  • Transient response: We’ve worked a lot on the 1723 transient response to get faster, tighter, and more articulate bass compared to the 1961.
  • Display and Control: The 1723 model has a larger display (2.6 inches) and app control, offering more advanced user interaction. Set your subwoofer up from your main listening position.
  • Connectivity: While both models have advanced RCAs, the 1723 model includes XLR inputs in addition to RCA, providing more flexibility.
  • EQ and Sound Customization: The 1723 model offers more EQ modes and a 7-band parametric EQ, allowing for finer sound customization.
  • Design and Materials: Both models use high-quality materials, but the 1723’s hybrid cone and advanced driver design might offer superior sound quality and durability.

In summary, the 1961 Subwoofer 1V is a robust and versatile subwoofer with solid amplification and extensive features, suitable for a wide range of users and rooms. The 1723 Subwoofer 1V, on the other hand, takes performance to a higher level with its larger driver, more powerful amplifier, advanced app control, and extensive EQ customization options, catering to users seeking top-tier audio performance.