Do You Charge at Shipment or at Order? | Arendal Sound

Do You Charge at Shipment or at Order?

June 14, 2024

Our inventory is shipped on the FIFO (first-in-first-out) method. Thus, we charge at the time of order to guarantee your spot in line.  

Mutual Agreement

Just like our commitment to customer satisfaction, your order is a commitment to purchase. Rest assured that you will have our support before, while, and long after your shipment is delivered. 

So Much More

Naturally, the price you paid at the time of order is locked-in hereinafter. So even if there is a sudden materials cost increase or logistics price spike, we will honor the price you paid and ship as soon as your order is in stock. 

Partial Shipment

If you have an order with some items in stock and some back-ordered, we are happy to ship what is on hand and then the rest as it becomes available. This is called a partial shipment, so just let us know as this is always an option.