5% Ambassador refund for existing Ambassadors

If you are already an Ambassador and have recently purchased new items for your system you are of course eligible for a 5% refund, just like new ambassadors!

We only ask you to first send us updated pictures of your room with the new equipment installed. We will issue the refund as soon as that is done. 


  1. All approved Ambassadors get approved 5% Cashback refunded immediately as a welcome gift.
  2. You buy a 5.0/5.1 system (or more) or 2.0 (for the stereo category). Or, that you add items from a previous system you own to make it a full fledge Arendal Sound system
  3. The 5% Cashback is calculated only for items bought within the previous 6 months, and bought at retail price
  4. Cashback refunds are paid back to the original payment method
  5. You have to decide whether you want to become an Ambassador within 6 months after your purchase (will not count for second-handed customers) to be applicable for the Cashback
  6. Multiple images of the room and product details must be provided and should uphold a given level of quality and tidiness of the room layout
  7. The description of your system (in English from the Ambassador questionnaire form) provided by the application
  8. You have to decide whether you want to comply (or reject) with customers contacting you, via Arendal Sound, for a demo. Your contact details will not be officially provided and communication will go through us only (unless you would allow us to)
  9. Arendal Sound will be free to use content and images on arendalsound.com and promotions, in the way it was meant to be used
  10. Arendal Sound will be free to have Ambassadors on-site for a minimum of 12 months
  11. Arendal Sound can at any time change the Terms & Conditions or discontinue the program at any time