Are Arendal Sound Speakers Good for Music?

Our speakers are designed to be musical, first and foremost. They also happen to have a reputation as fantastic cinema speakers due to their exceedingly high output/low distortion and great dynamic capabilities. But when it comes down to it, what makes a speaker good for music?

The Artist’s Intention

The artist certainly wants the listener to feel a certain way when listening to their music. It is the job of the mixer to make sure that this intention is conveyed on the source material. A good speaker will stay true to the source material, be it a CD or streamed content, and not change the original sound in any way. We call such speakers neutral because they do not “colour” the sound that they reproduce.

The “Ah-hah” Moment

Most of us have read reviews of high-end speakers filled with ubiquitous adjectives such as “natural”, “vivid”, “effortless”, “weighty”, “light”, “powerful”, textured” and “dynamic”. A good speaker can deliver all of these tonalities because it is designed to remain true to the source material while having the dynamic capability to reproduce said material. You will know it when you hear it. When listening to Arendal Sound speakers, don’t be surprised if you catch yourself saying “Ah-hah! This is what they were talking about.” 

The Inevitable Progression

Fans of home theatre typically go on an “upgrade journey” until they reach a calibre of speaker that excels at both movies (i.e. dynamic output at low distortion) and music (i.e. a neutral, detailed, composed sound). Fortunately for our customers, that journey tends to be pleasantly short.