Can I Place Monitors/Center on My Subwoofer? | Arendal Sound

Can I Place Monitors/Center on My Subwoofer?

The search for the right monitor/center stand can be tedious, as is finding the space for a subwoofer in a non-dedicated room. But can you place your monitors on your Arendal Sound subwoofer? We are happy to say that you definitely can.



Just make sure to place a non-slip material between the speaker and subwoofer to 1), protect the surfaces of both items, and 2) prevent the monitor from sliding if it gets bumped. 

Who Moved My..?

During spirited listening sessions, a subwoofer can sometimes “walk”, or move slightly over time due to vibrations. While our subwoofers are extremely inert and highly resistant to walking, it is still best to utilize the included rubber pucks on your subwoofer when setting them up in your space.

The Benefit of Dual Drivers

Our dual-driver subwoofers, the 1723 Subwoofer 2S and 2V, will not walk. This is because the mechanical transfer of energy from the moving mass of the drivers to the enclosure is cancelled out completely by the opposite driver, per Newton’s laws of motion. This means that the drivers impart no rocking motion on the cabinet even under the most extreme playback conditions. So you can definitely place your speaker on top!