Difference between Legacy 1723 Subwoofers and new 1723 Subwoofers?

Difference between Legacy 1723 Subwoofers and new 1723 Subwoofers?


The new series has an updated driver design with 50% more excursion, as well as many smaller changes to make it cope with the extra power from the new amplifier as well as improving its distortion and impulse response via several small changes and improvements. The result is a driver that has more output, higher power handling and lastly improved sound quality, both from a technical standpoint and a subjective listening standpoint.


The new amp has a ton of adjustability built into it, and is APP ready. It is more powerful as well (500W vs 800W, and 1000W vs 1200W). The new IQ amps also have a plethora of adjustability, where the Legacy subwoofers only have two EQ modes, LPF and phase adjustability, the new IQ amps has heaps, here are the highlights:

  • High-resolution 2.6″ colour LCD display
  • App ready*
  • Smart amplifier technology
  • Full 800W RMS down to 10Hz for Avalanche 800 IQ
  • Full 1200W RMS down to 10Hz for Avalanche 1200 IQ
  • Advanced adjustability for perfect room response and ease of use
  • Extensive multi-sensors to protect and maintain signal quality
  • Flip Screen Feature lets you use the screen menu upside down while bending over for adjustments
  • Dual source assignable RCA & XLR inputs with assignable memory presets for each input
  • Selectable 12V trigger and auto-on functions for each input
  • RCA & XLR passthrough outputs
  • User adjustable on-time and auto-on wake-up settings
  • Variable phase & signal inversion
  • 3 EQ modes for sealed subwoofers, 6 EQ modes for vented subwoofers
  • 7-band parametric EQ
  • Low pass filter & slopes
  • Subsonic filter & slopes
  • Safety controls

The huge difference in sound though comes in that it is so stable that the internal subsonic filter to protect the power supply from overheating is all the way down at 10Hz. That means you have a subwoofer that is capable of full power down to 10Hz.


The sealed cabinets are identical between legacy and new series.

The vented cabinets are identical on the surface, but have an improved port-design to take advantage of the newfound power down to 10Hz from the amplifier. This means you get some serious output down to 10Hz!


What you get from the new subs is a plethora of adjustability, the luxury of sitting in the listening position while adjusting the subwoofer, a new world of sub-20Hz output (for vented as well as sealed subs) and last but absolutely not least – the increase in tightness and sound quality is very much there to be heard! Overall we consider the new 1723 series a master-piece. It ticks all our boxes, and hopefully they tick yours.